Bellerive FCJ Catholic College

Bellerive FCJ has been educating girls in Liverpool for nearly 170 years - and more recently boys in the Sixth Form - preparing them for the lives they will lead once they leave the school for the final time. In Year 9 we complete work based on natural forms using a variety of different media. The entries are a variety of natural form studies and imaginative pieces.

School Competition Entries

Kids United

Paula Malinowska

51cm x 76cm, Oil paints, arcylic, markers, watercolours, gems, buttons, pearls & artificial flowers.


Imara Rogers

21cm x 29cm, Pencil


Emily Morris

29cm x 42cm, Watercolours, tissue paper, felt, glitter, string and tin foil

The Season of Persephone

Holly Whitfield

42cm x 59cm, Pencil and colour pencil

Tupac Shakur

Marissa Thomas

21cm x 29cm, Pencil


Ellie-Jay Garrett

21cm x 29cm, Pencil

Jaeden Lieberher

Grace Cammell

21cm x 29cm, Pencil

My riding story

Phoebe Smith

40cm x 50cm, Photographs, rosettes, felts and watercolours on canvas

Coming home

Paige Davis

20cm x 20cm, Pencil and paint on canvas

Eye of a doll

Mia Bragger

21cm x 29cm, Inks, brush pens and gel pens

Dancing in the rain

Niamh Grant

25cm x 30cm, Acrylic paint and crayons on canvas

Rasta Dreams

Eve De Silva

29cm x 42cm, Acrylic paint and pencil


Amber Owens

29cm x 42cm, Acrylic, watercolours, pencils, pen and oil pastels


Shahd Elhag

42cm x 60cm, Pencil


Rosa Kinsella

29cm x 42cm, Poster paint, bubble wrap, watercolours and tissue paper

I'll give you my heart

Autumn Taylor-Ward

29cm x 42cm, Acrylic, watercolours, pencils, pen and oil pastels

Sunset city dream

Neive Grier

29cm x 42cm, Pencils, watercolours


Mia Parker

29cm x 42cm, Markers, fineliners, watercolours, colouring pencils and biro


Sophie Butler

29cm x 42cm, Oil pastels, bubble wrap, watercolours, colour pencils

Best friends

Kira Wakelin and Emma Saunders

29cm x 42cm, Watercolours and poster paint


Anna Burnett

29cm x 42cm, Cardboard, bubble wrap, tissue paper, string and cling film

Boys meets evil

Chante Needham

29cm x 42cm, Acyrlic paint, white gel pen, watercolours, pencil and biro

Marilyn Monroe

Portia Kinsella

29cm x 42cm, Powder paint, oil pastels, watercolours and pencil

A dream worth dying for

Katlyn Allward and Syasya Zulkarnain

42cm x 60cm, Acrylic and watercolour paints, pencil and felts

Act 3 Scene 1

Jessica Kofoed

42cm x 60cm, Watercolours, pencil and powder paint