Holy Family Catholic High School

We at Holy Family Catholic High School encourage the students to 'Be the best you can be'. The fundamental aim of the Art department, is to promote the creative development of all students in order that they achieve their full potential. We are committed to offer the students the opportunity and experiences which are challenging, interesting and motivating. They are able to use their own interests, knowledge and experiences as a basis for development. We celebrate their achievements through exhibitions and competitions. The work produced for this exhibition has been a personal and imaginative response from each student.


School Competition Entries

Two Face

Tilly Withell

42cm x 35cm, Inks


Alex Tutty

23cm x 30cm, Painting


Madison Clarke

42cm x 56cm, Painting

Fly Away

Katie Bradshaw

42cm x 56cm, Painting

Garden of Colour

Ellie Brady

30cm x 40cm, Painting

Lil Peep

Harvey Campbell

41cm x 30cm, Painting

What a Hoot

Adam Connolly

50cm x 37cm, Painting


Sophie Cutler

30cm x 25cm, Painting

Forbidden Love

Cameron Delaney

42cm x 56cm, Pencil sketch

Multiple View

Charlotte Foulkes

28cm x 30cm, Painting

Crazy World

Hannah Guy

42cm x 56cm, Painting

Planets of Dreams

Ellyse Hollywood

42cm x 56cm, Mixed media

Parrot Parrot

Joseph Jennings

42cm x 56cm, Painting


Megan Kelly

42cm x 56cm, Painting

House in the Woods

Rebecca Lee

42cm x 29cm, Painting


Connor Martin

42cm x 29cm, Painting


Faye Murphy

42cm x 56cm, Painting

Speed of Light

Natalie Roberts

42cm x 52cm, Inks

Faux Rillas

Danny Robinson

42cm x 56cm, Pen

Sunflower Girl

Summer Schofield

30cm x 25cm, Painting


Ella Stewart

33cm x 45cm, Pen & Pencil

Sun of the Jungle

Caitlin Tarrington

30cm x 40cm, Painting

Geometric Wild Life

Freya Walsh

32cm x 42cm, Painting


Ben Williams

42cm 26cm, Inks & Oil pastels

The Broken Tiger

Jamie Woodford

30cm x 37cm, Painting