The Academy of Saint Nicholas

The Year 9 students have been exploring the theme of 'In the News'. They have referred to images that link to the genre of animals and the human form. Students have been exploring a variety of artists as well as different materials and techniques since September.

School Competition Entries


Karolina Jurand

21cm x 30cm, Fine liner on text


Kiah Abbot

21cm x 30cm, Watercolour

Door knocker 2

Chloe Lennox

21cm x 30cm, Pencil

Lock Drawing

Lacie Spicer

21cm x 30cm, Pencil


Bayan Al Hassein

21cm x 30cm, Ink on text


Tilly Arends

21cm x 30cm, Photomontage

Door Knocker

Ellie Salmon

21cm x 30cm, Ink and paint

Door knocker 1

Kacper Makowski

21cm x 30cm, Fine liner

Camera and girl

Shola Lamidi

21cm x 30cm, Ink and watercolour


Rosie Adrends

15cm x 21cm, Ink on text


Charlie Fletcher

15cm x 21cm, Colour pencil

Girl and Umberella

Katelyn Moran

21cm x 30cm, Ink


Sophie Flynn

15cm x 21cm, Pencil