Woodchurch High School

Woodchurch High School is a very successful, over-subscribed co-educational Church of England school, with over 1300 pupils, 100+ teaching staff and over 150 support staff. The popularity of the school is attributable to a proven record of high standards in all aspects of school life, including excellent relationships within the school, with parents, carers and the community. As a school we are keen to promote the cultural development of our pupils. Our Art department offers a range of different areas to study, including Fine Art, Art Graphics, Art Textiles, Photography, Art and 3-D Design.


School Competition Entries


Lewis Fryer

30cm x 42cm, Graphics

Little Drop

Charlotte Kane

16cm x 21cm, Art Photography


Amy Wayne

30cm x 42cm, Graphics

The Eye

Freya Ferguson

15cm x 21cm, Paint and ink

Space Girl

Hannah Robertson

21cm x 30cm, Paint

Monochrome ZEN

Holly Goodier

21cm x 30cm, Paint

Stating The Obvious

Jordan Murphy

21cm x 30cm, Paint

Zendangled Spirals

Kimberly Adams

30cm x 42cm, Mixed media

Nature's Friends

Owen Duckers

18cm x 13cm, Photography

Looking Through

Charleigh Reid

30cm x 42cm, Photography


Kieran Leyland

30cm x 42cm, Photography

Pilot Red Sun Uno

Leighton Reed

30cm x 42cm, Graphics


Luke Connor

30cm x 42cm, Photography