Bellerive FCJ Catholic College

About This School

Bellerive FCJ has been educating girls in Liverpool for nearly 170 years - and more recently boys in the Sixth Form - preparing them for the lives they will lead once they leave the school for the final time. In Year 9 we complete work based on natural forms using a variety of different media. The entries are a variety of natural form studies and imaginative pieces.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting is now open until 26th April 2019. The winners will be announced here on Monday 29th April. The first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at Liverpool School of Art and Design starting on the 19th June.


Grace Keys

15 x 15 x 7cm, Clay and poster paint

Wire Skull

Eve Oldham

19 x 23cm, Wire

Natural Forms

Maryem Rahman

30 x 34 cm, Newspaper, pencil, colour pencils


Poppy Caples

21 x 29cm, Fine liner pens, biro

Lily Flower

Eva Hill

21 x 29cm, Watercolours and 2B pencil

Natural Form 2

Megan Rogers

21 x 29cm, Watercolours, fine liner, black biro


Annabel White

21 x 29cm, Black fine liner, black biro

A Shell

Phillippa Jamieson-Lawson

21 x 29cm, Black fine liner, black biro


Mollie Cahill-Riley

14 x 20cm, Fine liner pen and biro


Sienna Kathryn Lally

30 x 42cm, Poster paint and tissue paper


Keira Davies

21 x 29cm, Colour pencils, biro, watercolours, 2B pencil

Dark Oranges

Mia Williams

21 x 29cm, Fine liner pens, black biro


Mya Donnellan

21 x 29cm, Wallpaper, watercolours, pen


Grace Newton

21 x 29cm, Wallpaper, watercolours, pen

Heaven and Hell

India Redmond

30 x 42cm, Acrylics, pencil, chalks, tissue paper, newspaper

Collection of roses

Holly Dougherty

30 x 42cm, Pencil, watercolours, newspaper


Mercedes Garcia-Martin

21 x 29cm, Felt tip markers

Shark Eye

Hannah Carolan

42 x 60cm, Newspaper, acrylics, watercolours, colour pencils, biro, book pages, fine liner pens

Flower at night

Isabella Robinson

30 x 42cm, Watercolours, pencils

Flower Garden

Alex Collins Oakes

30 x 42cm, Watercolours, poster paint, newspaper, felt pens

Mother Nature

Natalia Kondej-Mateparae

30 x 42cm, Watercolours, oil pastels, coloured pencils, black fine liner pen


Elizabeth Kershaw

30 x 42cm, Felt tips, watercolours, pencils, fine liner pens

Nature Gives Beauty

Rachael Carroll

30 x 42cm, Newspaper, tissue, chalk, colour pencils, paint, colour pens, collage.