Blackmoor Park Junior School

About This School

Blackmoor Park Junior School encourages a lifelong enjoyment of learning which leads to personal growth and fulfilment. Our Mission Statement, 'By Living Together, Learning Together and Playing Together We Will All Achieve' reflects this and forms the basis of all our work in the school. Our Year 5 children were encouraged to produce artwork which explored their individually chosen themes, compositions and techniques. They employed a range of different materials including pastel, paint, collage and mixed-media.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts are currently selecting their top three entries from each school from the submissions below. Public voting will be open from 3rd - 28th April 2018 and the winners will be announced here on Monday 30th April. The first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at Liverpool School of Art and Design starting on the 22nd June.

Sunrise Over Golden Bridge

Mason Jones

40cm x 29cm, Coloured pencils

Untitled 1

Joshua Wootten

42cm x 29cm, Oil pastels

Untitled 2

Lucas McIntyre

42cm x 29cm, Felt tip pens

The Lost Snake

Katie Todd

42cm x 29cm, Pastels and paint

Bubbly Love

Sophie Wright

45cm x 38cm, Mixed media

Untitled 3

Eleanor Wright

42cm x 29cm, Paper collage, paint and felt tip pens

Mystery River

Heidi Cooke

42cm x 29cm, Pastels

Untitled 4

Daisy Connor

59cm x 41cm, mixed media

Diamonds in the Spectrum

Louis Fowler

59cm x 41cm, mixed media

Pink-Birdy Sunset

Abigail Alker

29cm x25cm, Watercolour paint


Grace Minards

42cm x 29cm, Felt tip pens

The Dowl

Lucy Sheppard

29cm x 21cm, Coloured pencils

Subtle Pastel Collision

Abbie Harris

30cm x 21cm, Felt tip pens

Sitting in the Corner

Oscar Chen

30cm x 22cm, Coloured pencils


Miles Barton

20cm x 21cm, Pastels

Untitled 5

Jesse Chen

29cm x 18cm, Coloured pencils


Ella Booth

28cm x 21cm, Mixed media

Untitled 6

William Rymill

29cm x 18cm, Coloured pencils

Untitled 7

Isobelle Higgins

30cm x 20cm, Oil pastels

Untitled 8

Bobby Kane

29cm x 21cm, Coloured pencils

Untitled 9

Kayahan Diskaya

23cm x 21cm, Coloured pencils and felt tips

Extract from Imaginary Ninja Book 3

Sean Igbokwe

29cm x 21cm, Coloured pencils

Abstract Art

Isabella Wall

29cm x 20cm, Paint

Untitled 10

Isabella Wall

30cm x 20cm, Pastels

The Chinese Dragon

Zac Baker

170cm x 13cm, Coloured pencils and inks