Hope School

We are a busy but friendly school, with lots going on. At Hope School, we are committed to the principle that all children have a right to an education which meets their learning, emotional and social needs. Since September the following 8 boys from Hope school have been working really hard on their art work. They have been learning abstract art, surrealism, still life and looking at artists such as Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock and Cy Twombly. The boys are really proud of their work and this showcases the work produced by a key stage 2 class.


School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 3rd April to 5th May 2017. The winners can be now be seen below and the first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at St Georges Hall in Liverpool starting on the 16th June.


Nathan Brown

30 x 42cm, Felt tip pens


Liam Derbyshire

30 x 42cm, Felt tip pens

Swirl surprise

Callum Melling

30 x 42cm, Felt tip pens


Anthony Gagan

30 x 42cm, Felt tip pens


Jaeden Grogan

30 x 42cm, Felt tip pens

3D Black and white cube

Junior McDonough

25 x 42cm, Felt tip pens

Black and white

Paul Wheatley

30 x 42cm, Felt tip pens