Rainhill High School

About This School

Rainhill High is a highly popular and oversubscribed Media Arts Specialism school & sixth form. The Art department holds a highly innovative and diverse team of teachers who drive and enthuse pupils to consistently surpass expectations time and time again. With innovative SOL and highly dedicated teachers from a wide range of specialisms, we pride ourselves on allowing all our students to independently explore ideas and concepts in projects to arrive at unique and unexpected outcomes. RAINHILL HIGH SCHOOL CONTINUES TO BE THE LARGEST GCSE AQA ARTS PROVIDER IN THE UK


School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting is now open until 26th April 2019. The winners will be announced here on Monday 29th April. The first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at Liverpool School of Art and Design starting on the 19th June.

Hear, See, Speak no Evil

Grace Johnson

20 x 20cm, Digital Manipulation

Stevie G

Luke Bowden

30 x 23cm, Digital illustration

Sticks and Stones

Ruby Anderson

21 x 29cm, Photograph

Milk and Ink 1

Sophia Tyrer Williams

21 x 29cm, Milk and ink

Double Exposure

Rhys Cain

30 x 30cm, Photograph


Nathan Whealans

21 x 28cm, Digital Manipulation

Milk and Ink

Lydia Henshaw

21 x 29cm Milk and ink

All the angles of nature

Lewis Stewart

29 x 21cm, Digital Manipulation

Jamila Jamil

Emilia Ramsden

15 x 15cm, Digital Drawing


Chloe Brittel

25 x 20cm, Photograph


Annabelle Draycott

20 x 15cm, Photograph