St Michaels Catholic Primary School

About This School

St Michael's Catholic Primary School in Widnes is home to 239 pupils and a team of dedicated staff. St Michael's strives to give the children the best all round education along with experiences they can take with them onto the next stage of their learning journey. Since September Year 5 have been introduced to a variety of ideas and use of different media during their art sessions each week. These have ranged from charcoal drawing, mixed media painting and detailed pencil drawing from a variety of presented images.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting is now open until 26th April 2019. The winners will be announced here on Monday 29th April. The first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at Liverpool School of Art and Design starting on the 19th June.

A Tigers Head

Lewis Leyland

42 x 30cm, Pencil

Vibrant Street

Cormac McKeagney

47 x 34cm, Acrylic, Water Based Paint

A Face

Monique Burns

27 x 34cm, Oil Pastels

Four Seasons Tree 3

Rosie Edwardson

46 x 33cm, Mixed media

Four Seasons Tree 2

Akshelly Vincent Donald

46 x 33cm, Mixed media

Four Seasons Tree

Nellie Garvey

46 x 33cm, Mixed media

A Horses Head 2

Archie Ryan

42 x 29cm, Pencil

A Horses Head

Paige Bonney

33 x 25cm, Colour Pencils

An Elephant

Erin Davison

36 x 25cm, Colour Pencils

A Face 3

Lily May Clayton-Smith

28 x 34cm, Water Based Paint

A Face 2

Cara Louise Jones

27 x 34cm, Oil Pastels


Sam Abbott

33 x 25cm, Charcoal