The Sutton Academy

The Sutton Academy is a mixed 11 - 18 secondary school of over 1200 students. It is a thriving and dynamic place to learn, were together students achieve. The art department is an exciting and vibrant part of The Sutton Academy. We encourage our students to be creative individuals and recognise that every student is different; we aim to nurture creativity and individuality. Recently our year 9 students have been creating mixed media 'doodle bombed' portraits inspired by the artist Hattie Stewart. Their art work combines drawing, collage and lettering to develop a range of personal outcomes.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 3rd April to 5th May 2017. The winners can be now be seen below and the first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at St Georges Hall in Liverpool starting on the 16th June.


Erin Gerrard

20 x 29 cm, Fine liner pens, sharpie pens, tipex


Jack Gregson

19 x 26 cm, Oil paints on canvas

Life of a Student

Paddy Wilburn

24 x 19 cm, Pencil, coloured pencil, fine liner

Underwater Mermaid

Leann Procter

20 x 30 cm, Mixed media

Out of this World

Kayleigh Waugh

20 x 29 cm, Watercolour paints, fine liner pens, coloured pencils

Celebrity Doodle Bomb

Mali Cooke

29 x 20 cm, Fine liner pens, sharpie pens, tipex

The Imaginary Boot

Grace Valentine

22 x 20 cm, Fine liner, coloured pencil, tipex

Spray It Out Loud

Justin Rawsthorne

40 x 25 cm, Biro pen, fine liner, pencil

Celebrity Doodle Bomb 3

Lucy Atherton

14 x 22 cm, Fine liner pen

Doodle Mayhem

Luke Howard

20 x 29 cm, Black fine liner, sharpie pens


Joanne Noden

28 x 28 cm, Coloured pencil, tipex, sharpie pens, fine liners


Charlotte Lyons

41 x 29 cm, Mixed media

Blue Bird

Clarissa Potter

19 x 22 cm, Watercolour pencils

Doodle Portrait

Owen Dingley

12 x 16 cm, Tipex pen and fine liners

Day of the Dead Doodle

Elenora Speakman

20 x 26 cm, Fine liner pens, tipex pen, sharpie pens

Doodle Bomb

Trinity Fenney

29 x 19 cm, FIne liner, coloured pencils, tipex pens

Celebrity Doodle Bomb 2

Megan Osbourne

25 x 19 cm, Mixed media