The Heath School

The Heath School year 9 art students have been having fun studying Mexican Folk art, the work of artist Frida Kahlo and the celebration Dias de Los Muertos. They have worked independently over the term, producing their own handmade sketchbooks by experimenting with images of sugar skulls, tattoos, La Catarina and animal skeletons using mixed media.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 3rd April to 5th May 2017. The winners can be now be seen below and the first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at St Georges Hall in Liverpool starting on the 16th June.


Annie Lee

21 x 30 cm, Pen


Dominika Olszewska

21 x 30 cm, Watercolour pencil

Twisted Skull

Nicole Jones

26 x 35 cm, Pen and ink


Olivia Forster

42 x 60 cm, Pencil, watercolour

Mood Changers

Emelia Watson

21 x 30 cm, Pencil, watercolour


Kia Vibrans

21 x 29 cm, Pencil

Money is no joke

Ella Roberts

21 x 30 cm, Graphite

The Day Dream

Chloe Ayres

21 x 30 cm, Graphite and watercolour


Kyra McCarthy

21 x 30 cm, Pencil, Watercolour

Elementary Mr Dear Watson

Lucy Benjamin

21 x 29 cm, Pencil

One Life is One Chance

Kofie Melling

21 x 30 cm, Watercolour