The Kingsway Academy

Located in the heart of the community, The Kingsway Academy opened in September 2014 with a vision of becoming the school of choice for families and carers in the Wirral. The Academy provides a fully comprehensive education to students from Year 7 through to Year 13 from across the Wirral. The Academy is a part of Northern Schools Trust and works in collaboration with a number of schools in the North West of England to provide a unique approach to education with equal commitment to vocational and academic success, supported by an outstanding pastoral programme.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 3rd April to 5th May 2017. The winners can be now be seen below and the first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at St Georges Hall in Liverpool starting on the 16th June.

Brooke's Ostrich

Brooke Starr

22 x 20 cm, Pointillism

Paige's Cat

Paige De Sousa

30 x 30 cm, Pastels

AJ's Phoenix

Anthony Rafferty

18 x 26 cm, Colour pencils

Black & White Cat

Ellie Duffy

26 x 22 cm, Pointillism


Elouise Dunn

35 x 20 cm, Stick and Ink

Josh's Phoenix (Ostrich)

Josh Dunn

26 x 18 cm, Colour Pencil

Ryan's Lion

Ryan Edwards

30 x 34 cm, Pastels

Molly's Phoenix

Molly Elmer

26 x 18 cm, Colour Pencil

Old Dogs

Crystal Jones

30 x 22 cm, Colour Pencil

Ethan's Lion

Ethan Lang

28 x 18 cm, Pointillism

Abi's Ostrich

Abi Lewis

21 x 18 cm, Pointillism


Mia New

20 x 22 cm, Pointillism

Leah's Lion

Leah Steele

30 x 34 cm, Pastels

Grace's Cat

Grace Wiggins

28 x 24 cm, Pastels


Emily Wood

34 x 28 cm, Mixed media

Abby W Phoenix

Abby Worton

32 x 24 cm, Colour pencil

Nicola's Phoenix

Nicole Wynne

26 x 18 cm, Colour Pencil

Kim's Frog (Bird)

Kim Yates

20 x 14 cm, Pointillism